Steven E. Farmer, Ed.D.
Chief Executive Officer

Barbara Manning, B.S.
Chief Fiscal Officer

Dori Bachar, MA
Director, Human Resources

Marybeth Lauderdale, M.A. Ed. Admin., Ed.S.
Director, Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf

Aaron Noschese, MA
Chief Operations Officer – Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf

Gregory Mendenhall, M.A., M.Ed.
High School Principal

Donald Mazreku, M.Ed.
Principal, Elementary School and Applied Studies, WPSD

Carrie Rain, M.Ed.
Director, Early Childhood Programs, WPSD

John Moser
Director, Technology, WPSD

Sally Wellman
Coordinator of Children’s Services / Parent Advocate, WPSD

Mary Ennis
Dean of Students – Girls, WPSD

Tom Halik
Dean of Students – Boys, WPSD

Nancy Possumato, R.N., BSN
Nursing Supervisor, WPSD

Joel Grover, MA, CAGS, NCSP
Director, Counseling and Evaluation, WPSD

Michael Del Cimmuto, MS
Director, Campus Safety and Security, WPSD

Matt Campion
Director of Institutional Advancement

Jessica Marks, MA
Director, Central PA Outreach

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