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At WPSD, kids come first…

student success is built upon a foundation of individualized education programs, family involvement, caring teachers, access to communication, understanding and acceptance. Our academic program begins with our preschool program in the Children’s Center and continues through the twelfth grade.

WPSD understands that open communication is necessary to create a partnership between parents, teachers and administrators. A partnership where goals are shared and the student is the priority. We believe that every child is unique, with unique strengths and talents. So we work together, in partnership, to develop high quality, individualized programs that support each and every student so that they may reach their true potential.

We are committed to student growth and achievement. Our curriculum is aligned with national and state education standards, but we don’t stop there. We believe in high expectations, accountability and academic excellence. We believe that students need to be challenged and to be given opportunities to stretch their imaginations and to step beyond their everyday experiences. We offer classes like drama, photography, graphic design and even a TV production course in our own television studio.