The WPSD auditorium was recently renovated and contains some of the finest technology available to meet the varied communication needs of our student population. As part of the construction, the lowered ceiling was removed and the balcony was opened to allow for additional seating and a control booth. Technology within the auditorium enables presenters who may not be adept in American Sign Language to perform without communication barriers and meet the vast communication needs of our student population.

In addition to a large center LCD projector and 14′ motorized projection screen, supplementary side video projection allows for interpreters or live-captioning to be viewed simultaneously along with the presentation. 2 cameras in the back of the auditorium and 2 facing the audience provide live viewing and recording of video images. A touch screen panel built into the lectern allows the presenter to control the technology from the stage. An FM loop and headsets facilitate the necessary auditory support for many of our students.

In the control booth, all of the technology can be controlled by a touch panel and preprogrammed through preview monitors. A special sound mixing system with visual cues allows the students to be the audio technicians, unhindered by their lack of hearing. A closed circuit television system located in the control booth, backstage, in the headend control room and in the television studio allows for visual communication among all of the students and staff involved during a performance or presentation.

Television monitors backstage and in each dressing room allow performers the opportunity to see what is happening on stage. The campus-wide video distribution capabilities allow for the broadcast of auditorium events across campus.

With this state-of-the-art facility, the school is able to host a variety of events and activities that can be completely accessible to deaf people by offering a rich variety of technological options to remove the communication barriers present in more traditional auditorium settings.

WPSD auditorium stage


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