Classroom Technology

The students at WPSD are given daily access to the latest educational technology. Award winning projects completed by students have put WPSD in the forefront of educational programs across the country.

The emphasis on technology is two-fold: 1) to prepare students for college and the work force and 2) to bridge the communication accessibility gap.

High-tech classrooms have been designed to fully integrate technology into the curriculum. Each classroom is outfitted with a SMARTboard, a ceiling-mounted projector, an iMac teacher’s computer workstation, a networked printer, and a television connected to the school’s video distribution system. All of the High School and Middle School students have either Apple MacBooks or iPads, and the Elementary School and Children’s Center students have access to mobile carts of laptops or iPads.

Development of technological literacy begins in the Children’s Center, where students are first introduced to computers. They learn to maneuver a mouse and play a variety of educational games.

Computer exposure continues in the Elementary School where students are scheduled to work in the Elementary School Technology Center, which integrates computer applications with scanners, digital cameras, video camcorders and Pitsco Synergistics Science equipment.

Students develop and improve their skills even more in the Middle and High School, pursuing more advanced desktop publishing, graphic arts, multimedia development and video editing. Students have many opportunities to improve their skills with the latest technology in their classrooms, school and residence, and in the Learning Center.

The WPSD staff receives training in using technology not only to improve student understanding of the concepts they present, but also to integrate technology into the curriculum. This ongoing staff development is the key component to ensure that technology will be fully integrated in the curriculum across all subject areas at all grade levels.

Advanced technology has become a standard component of the educational program at WPSD.

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