WPSD 5th and 6th grader enjoy a trip to the PA Capitol.

Last week, WPSD’s 5th and 6th graders traveled to the Pennsylvania Capitol for their annual trip Harrisburg. Rep. Summer Lee and Senator Jay Costa graciously hosted the students in the House and the Senate.

In the House, the students spent time in the chamber to visit with individual members. Later, the group was invited to the front of the chamber to join Rep. Lee and Speaker Turzai when the school was introduced and welcomed by the entire House of Representatives. It was an incredible experience to see all 203 Representatives looking at us as we were announced to the House.

Afterwards, the students crossed the main rotunda to enter the Senate, where they spent time on the floor. Senators took time to meet with their students and shared a conversation and a photo. Later, the group was seated in the gallery and enjoyed a warm welcome from Senator Costa, Lt. Governor Fetterman, and several other Senators.

WPSD is deeply grateful for the hospitality and kindness of Rep. Lee and Senator Costa and all of the Representatives and Senators who took time from their very busy day to make the students’ trip to the Capitol a memorable visit.