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Student Life

At WPSD, learning goes beyond the basic skills that are taught in the classroom. After school activities are an integral part of the comprehensive program offered at WPSD. Children need time to relax with friends, to participate in supervised activities or compete against peers in sporting events. Our 21-acre campus provides ample space for activities for students from pre-school through high school.

For the younger students WPSD offers Mighty Mite sports, Language Lab and Avocational Clubs. These activities remediate classroom learning with fun hands-on activities. Older students can participate in a variety of JV and Varsity sports, clubs, drama productions and more. Parents are encouraged to attend and support all after-school events.

With students traveling from all over Pennsylvania, WPSD places a major emphasis on providing as comfortable and nurturing a living environment as possible. At WPSD, clubs and activities are viewed as equally valued opportunities for social interaction and character building. Educational activities include Language Lab, a language and cognitive based learning activity for younger elementary school students, as well as other supervised learning activities. The athletic program imparts the skill and values that all children derive from sports participation, but offers deaf children in particular important opportunities to excel at an activity on their own terms.

More than 40% of the student body lives in the school dormitories and the other half commute from home daily. All after-school activities are available to both residential and day students. Field trips within the Pittsburgh area offer children both additional recreational opportunities and further exposure to the hearing world. These may include attending baseball or hockey games, a ride on the Gateway Clipper, trips to the local mall, the Aviary or a local restaurant.