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The Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf  is a nonprofit, tuition free school for deaf and hard of hearing children from age 3 through the 12th grade from across Pennsylvania.

Founded in 1869, WPSD provides educational and extracurricular programs in an all inclusive communication environment.  With locations in Pittsburgh, Scranton, Camp Hill and Hershey, WPSD is the largest comprehensive center for Deaf education in the commonwealth.

Their success is our responsibility.

Did you know?

  • At WPSD communication needs are met on an individual basis with the emphasis on fluency in both American Sign Language and spoken English.
  • WPSD offers maninstream opportunities through a variety of programs including a local private elementary school, local career and technical center, and the student’s home school district.
  • Our students have access to the latest technology for a visual and interactive learning environment.  Technology is more than just an instructional tool.  It empowers our students and bridges the communication and information accessibility gap in the classroom.
  • More than 30% of our student population use Cochlear Implants and 52% use hearing aides.
  • WPSD has a complete after school program, including a fully equipped fitness center, a variety of clubs, a comprehensive sports program, and independent living skills initiative.
  • The Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf is fully accredited by CEASD, our academic program is comprehensive, challenging and individualized.
  • The Residential Program, open to students from preschool through the 12th grade, is an integral part of WPSD.  40% of the student body lives more than one hour from the School and stay on campus from Sunday evening through Friday afternoon.
  • The Scranton School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children, serving students in northeast Pennsylvania, provides academic and extracurricular programs  in an all-inclusive, barrier free learning environment to children from age three through eighth grade and high school students with additional needs.
  • Our Choices for Children Early Intervention Program offers comprehensive and objective information, advocacy and training in language, audition and speech to children from birth to age three and their families.
  • The WPSD Outreach Department’s  primary goals are to educate and serve as a resource of individuals with hearing loss. With office locations in Pittsburgh, Scranton and Camp HIll, PA the Outreach Department supports deaf and hard of hearing people of all ages.

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