The Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf (WPSD), a non-profit, tuition-free school, provides academic and extracurricular programs to deaf and hard of hearing children from birth through twelfth grade. Founded in 1869, WPSD continues its tradition of excellence through services to children from 54 counties across Pennsylvania.

Why WPSD Cover

WPSD’s barrier-free, all-inclusive communication environment meets the needs of the individual student. American Sign Language, Sign Supported English and Spoken English are all incorporated to promote the academic, social, emotional and physical development of our students.  Why is WPSD the right School for your deaf or hard of hearing child?   Discover all that the School has to offer students – download a copy of Why WPSD?,  tour the School by clicking on the video below, visit the pages of our website or call 412.371.7000 to schedule a visit.


The Western Pennsylvanian
is the quarterly publication for the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf, providing information about student accomplishments, events on campus and efforts by WPSD to promote the success and achievement of deaf and hard of hearing students throughout the WPAN Summer coverCommonwealth.  Simply click on the cover to the right and download your copy today.  We hope you enjoy this digital edition of our newsletter!  In this issue, read articles about the London trip, Space Camp, the Girls Athletic Association, May Day, Urban Ecostewards, the Class of 2015 and many more.  Discover the excitement happening on campus and opportunities available to the students at the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf!



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