De’VIA (Deaf View/Image Art) is an art movement, which represents Deaf experiences. It was recognized as an genre of art in 1989.  Since 2014, deaf art teachers from all over the United States have gathered annually to exchange ideas about De’VIA.

Guided by the principles of the original De’VIA manifesto, the De’VIA Curriculum Development team aims to continue the creation of deaf art and build a strong curriculum that will teach concepts and technique as well as record the presence of Deaf Art in history.

This One Day Workshop was scheduled to expand the reach of the curriculum beyond deaf education. The tentative schedule for the day is as follows…

9:00 am     —-     Arrival and Registration
9:30 am     —-   History of De’VIA (Patti Durr)
10:00 am   —-  Surdism (Patti Durr)
10:30 am   —-   Pop Art (Ann Silver)
11:00 am   —-   Mural Making (Nancy Rourke)
11:30 am    —-   Silvermoon Brand
12:00 pm    —-   Lunch (Included in Registration Fee)
1 – 4:00 pm —-   Workshops by Art Teachers.
4:00 pm     —-     Ice Cream Social

Registration for the workshop can be secured online by clicking Introduction To De’VIA or by downloading and completing the paper registration form.  For more information about this Workshop, please contact Jenna Barkey at

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