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Learning Center

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The Edward R. Schatz Learning Center at the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf is an active, interactive environment where students can learn by browsing, experimenting and interacting with materials and displays.

Formerly the school’s library, the Learning Center provides access to up-to-date electronic materials, visual media and the Internet which bring a world of information into our students’ educational venue, and the technical skills they learn enables them to manage this wealth of information effectively.

Quarterly themes focus on areas of study for students school-wide, and provides the opportunity to view book displays, computer based activities, and collections borrowed from local community resources.

The primary reading corner creates a relaxing and fun environment to spark an interest in reading and interactive learning opportunities at an early age.

The minimax theater is the setting for story telling in American Sign Language, and also provides a mini stage for invited guests to give book talks or demonstrations related to the themes.

A more traditional study area in the Learning Center houses not only the reference area and professional library, but also contains a rear screen projection system, a document camera and a SMART interactive whiteboard connected to a computer for class instruction, workshops, and presentations.

Television displays connected to the school’s in-house video distribution system throughout the Learning Center areas allow students to view in-house broadcasts and educational programming via cable or satellite.

Each component of the Learning Center has been selected because it meets a specific need to improve the quality of education to our students and to remove the communication barriers that may be present in more traditional educational settings.

Click here for a PDF desciption of the WPSD Learning Center

Learning Center Virtual Tour

Welcome to a Virtual Tour (QTVR) of the Learning Center! Place your mouse over the doors until the cursor turns into an upward arrow and click. When the mouse turns into a circle, hold and drag the circle right and left to see a 360 view of the area. When the mouse turns into an upward arrow, click to go into a new space of the Learning Center.

Learning Center Committee

The Learning Center Committee, made up of WPSD staff members representing all grade and subject levels of the school, meet during the summer to plan Learning Center Themes for the school year. Around each of these themes, they choose stories, vocabulary, activities and displays that will be used by the Librarian and the Library Aide as they plan lessons for class visits to the Learning Center.

The committee also publishes a newsletter, The Learning Center Link, about the activities and presentations centered around each theme. Click on the newsletter links below to see the latest happenings in the WPSD Learning Center!

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