Video Production

The Video Production Studio is a fully equipped professional quality studio including a control room, an editing suite, and a video production classroom.

The studio contains Parkervision’s PVTV system, which allows the students to easily maneuver the robotic cameras from the control room to get a range of shots. The system includes a comprehensive curriculum covering lighting, camera control, editing, and live studio and post production.

The addition of the Video Production Studio to our existing video distribution system not only allows access to a wealth of media information, but enables the students to become skilled at organizing and presenting visual information in a meaningful and enjoyable way. Morning announcements and newscasts can be taped in the television studio and broadcast throughout the building, and students learn the various components involved in producing and editing a video program.

The latest technology and a comprehensive curriculum puts WPSD at the forefront of advanced media learning and teaches our students real-world skills that can lead to a career in the video production field.

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